Go Behind the Scenes With Tony Maws in a Juicy New Book

We doubt it'll get panned. Photo: Berkley.

"Did the wonderful chef Tony Maws know he revealed so much?” asks GQ's Alan Richman, somewhat cryptically, in a jacket blurb for Back of the House, psychologist Scott Haas's scintillating peek at the inner workings of Craigie on Main's kitchen. Well, apparently Maws does know that he divulged all, and he's fine with it.

"I really feel the trust he gave me was of enormous value," says Haas. Maws didn't attempt to censor what Haas wrote, and Haas says he was given unfettered access to all the goings-on in the kitchen, good, bad, and ugly, he says. He logged serious time behind the scenes and witnessed feuds, drama, triumphs, and meltdowns — in other words, the stuff of psychologists' dreams. The book comes out on February 5. In the meantime, watch a video chronicling his time in the Craigie kitchen right here.