Here Are Five Videos of Mutant Eggs-Within-Eggs

One chick, two eggs. Photo: The Last Word

Speaking of things that are both creepy and chicken-related, a YouTube phenomenon was born recently when a guy named Sean Wilson cracked open a very big chicken egg only to reveal it contained another entire chicken egg, shell and all. But Wilson's hardly the first lucky fellow to stumble upon the mythical, elusive egg-within-an-egg. Check out Wilson's moment, straight ahead, then see four other bewildering videos of overstuffed ouefs.

Here is Wilson. (Watch for the "Oh. My. God. Shut. Up." moment at the 1:18 mark.)

This dramatic mutant egg reveal is disturbing in its ooziness:

This little girl was really mad about getting her hair brushed, but her day improved once her mom cracked open the elusive double egg!

"It's a mutant fucking chicken, man!" We couldn't have said it better ourselves:

And, at last, a scientific explanation of the egg-in-egg phenomenon: