Friendly's Introduces Fribbles With Actual Ice Cream, Rechristens Waiters "Memory-Makers"

Crafted by a scoopologist. Photo: Photo: istockphoto

Shocking: Friendly's, where "ice cream makes the meal," actually didn't use ice cream in its Fribble shakes. But, as part of its ongoing attempts at reinvention, it's resorting to using actual dairy in its signature drink. (Does this mean they've abandoned plans to incorporate health foods into the menu?) Reports MassLive: "It’s part of a makeover that includes retro signs in redecorated restaurants, burgers that customers can order with a little pink in the middle, haddock instead of cheaper pollock in the Fishamajig and crooner Michael Buble piped in on the sound system." We should note that McDonald's made headlines last week touting their pollack-filled Fillet-o-Fish. And do they have easy-listening crooners piped into the drive-through window? We think not.

Friendly's corporate also cleaned house, retraining employees who aren't surly and, in some cases, re-interviewing and re-hiring ex-employees, " with an eye toward faster service and a cleaner, more pleasant restaurant."

Meanwhile, a worker at the ice cream fountain is now called a “scoopologist,” always a great thing to put on a resume, and wait staff are “memory-makers.” If you want this all-new experience, which also promises to focus on the "five senses" (we really don't want to know what "feel" might be), you'll have to travel to the Springfield area or to Maine, where the first of the refurbished restaurants will debut.

In the meantime, enjoy your pollock-y fish filet.

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