Legal Sea Foods Could Frighten Chinese Tourists


This is according to Evan Saunders, the CEO of Saunders “Attract China,” a start-up that helps American restaurants and hotels "get noticed online" in China. PRI's The World reports: "Saunders said the word ‘legal,’ when associated with a restaurant, can be confusing for Chinese people. He said they market tested it and people in China thought legal meant 'maybe a government-associated company, that is involved in making sure people go to jail if they’re not serving the right things.'"

Don't worry, though: Saunders, who counts Legal as a client, is "trying to correct that by branding Legal Sea Foods in China as 'America’s Best Sea Food Destination.'" Uh, wonder what he thinks of all those new ads—you know, the ones with obituaries, Brokeback Mountain references, and Jesus fish?

Massachusetts Looks East to Lure Chinese Tourists [PRI]

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