Lunchtime Discoveries: Beef with Tomato on Rice at Hei Lei Moon

Just $6.25! Photo: Brian J. Lapseritis

Usually we stroll over to Hei Lei Moon for dim sum, which is OK but not quite as fresh as at menu-only Winsor Dim Sum down the block. However, a lazy holiday-break perusal of their lunchtime menu revealed Beef with Tomato on Rice, for a mere $6.25. Feeling cost-conscious and adventurous, we decided to forgo dumplings and tuck into tomato-drenched beef instead.

And we were glad we did! Not only did we have lunch for the next two days, we also discovered the pleasures of Asian tomato sauce, something hitherto undiscovered, seasonality be damned. The beef was exceptionally tender and flavorful, and the white rice did a fine job of sopping up the slightly sour, slightly tangy tomatoes. If you're not in the mood to chase down dim sum carts (their weekday selections are slightly meager), try this out instead.