Malden's Amazing Biryani Park Will Launch a Boston Food Truck

Luscious, and mobile.

One of the only spots in the area to enjoy luscious, vegan-friendly Sri Lankan fare (plus very good Indian food, too) will launch a food truck, which is delightful news for anyone who finds it inconvenient to trek all the way to over to Malden for lamprais and roti.

Eater lists the winners of the most recent food truck lottery, obtained via Hub Food Trucks. In addition to Biryani, there's Kendall Square's Area Four, Sweet Tomatoes, Pasta Pot, Mother Juice, Fugu, Bite This Boston (not sure what that is, but sounds intimidating) and the interestingly named vegetarianTaco Party (vegetarian tacos)

Biryani already operates a truck in Malden (from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., near the T). We're hoping they just park in front of our house, but we'll report back with precise locations. [HFT, EB]