Despite Mayor Menino's Pleas, Boston's Still Fat and Happy

Blame it on the Red Sox. Photo: istockphoto

Despite Mayor Menino's citywide anti-obesity crusade, Bostonians remain flabby. Unfortunately, it's not just our significant others who've noticed ... the Wall Street Journal's now onto us, too. "In hindsight, there were early hints that Boston's citywide challenge to collectively lose one million pounds in a year faced slim odds," they pun.

Why the perpetual flab? "The excuses are ample: socializing, office birthday parties, child-rearing, resentment at being told by the government to trim down, even a cruddy Red Sox season. You need comfort food to respond to that," says one Bostonian.

Yeah, it's resentment that makes us inhale lo mein at 3 a.m.

Can a Whole City Stick to a Diet? Fat Chance [WSJ]
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