No More Mystery Fish: McDonald’s Will Use MSC-Certified Sustainable Seafood

Show the world that you're eating real fish. Photo: CSR Wire

Okay, so they lied about selling halal food, but redemption is right around the corner for McDonald's: Now you can eat their fish sandwiches guilt-free (provided that your only reservations about eating a Filet-o-Fish stem from seafood sustainability issues). McD's will become the first national restaurant chain to adopt the Marine Stewardship Council’s (very attractive!) blue ecolabel on its fish packaging in restaurants nationwide, a hallmark of responsible sourcing practices. The marketing technique is going swimmingly so far!

Why? Well, the packaging coincides with their debut of Fish McBites, which are actually made of wild-caught, MSC-certified Alaska pollock. Who knew? The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire further notes that those rubbery Filet-o-Fish are also made of certified Alaska pollock, though it's hard to tell what you're eating, really, underneath all of that tartar sauce.

So, congratulations, McDonald's, on your seafood sustainability efforts. But then again, they do know a little bit about the concept: Remember, it's also possible to sustain a McD's burger for at least 137 days.

McDonald's USA First National Restaurant Chain To Serve MSC-Certified Sustainable Fish At All US Locations [CSR Wire]

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