Learn How to Hand-Pull Noodles With Guru Gene Wu


Gene's Chinese Flatbread, hidden down a lonesome road in Chelmsford, is one of the very few purveyors of X'ian cuisine in the New England area (if only we had a Xian Famous Foods!). There you'll find savory noodle soups, flatbread, and his hallmark: ribbony hand-stretched noodles, which usually sell out every weekend. The affable Gene himself shows off his noodle-pulling skills next week as part of the Lowell Folk Life Series.

Learn how Gene works his magic (his hand-stretched noodles are available on weekends only, so this is a prime weekday peek), and maybe even taste some of his handiwork. Admission on January 28 is free; read all about it here. And, if you can't make it, definitely check out his tiny little restaurant at 257 Littleton Rd. in Chelmsford.