OMG: Has OM Closed?

Patricia Yeo was formerly the chef at OM. Photo: Melissa Hom

The former Harvard Square (h)om(e) of Chicago-bound Patricia Yeo seems to have shuttered, even though her name's still all over the website. A poster on Chowhound reports that they're no longer on Open Table; a phone call by both the baffled Hound and Grub Street yielded no answer. Mysteriously, the restaurant is reportedly "a mess. All the downstairs barstools and couches are gone and a ladder propped up in the middle of the floor. Called out but no one answered." Bizarre!

Does this mean the end is also near for that other Yeo-affiliated venture, Moksa, as well? Anyone been there recently? Let us know! Hopefully the hungry Hound found a satisfying meal elsewhere. [CH, Earlier]