Gropy Oyster Shucker Was Also A Cocaine Dealer

Line up, ladies! Photo: istockphoto

First, the good news: The oyster shucker who was accused of groping a colleague at Durgin-Park, causing them to lose their liquor license, is off the hook since his accuser failed to show up at trial. The bad news is he's still accused of distributing cocaine.

Universal Hub notes that Weimar Foronda still faces trial for cocaine-dealing, a practice that allegedly escalated when he moved from D-P to Union Oyster House. (Do oysters pair well with cocaine? We wouldn't know.)

The saddest part of this tale: Other waitresses did come forward at his trial to testify that he groped them, too, but that they thought it was "just the price of working there." In other news: Durgin-Park has a job fair today! [UH, Earlier]