Five Restaurants That Really Should Have Food Trucks

A healthy wrap at Life Alive. Photo: Facebook/Life Alive

With a new batch of food trucks ready to hit the streets come spring, we've come up with a little wish list of restaurants that really deserve trucks of their own. Let us know what kinds of trucks you desire in the comments.

5. The Gallows. We'd like a heaping platter of their out-of-control poutine to be slipped to us covertly through a window, please, so we don't have to show our gluttonous face. We'd trot back to our desk, unwrap the goods, and be the envy of surrounding colleagues. Then we'd fall asleep at our keyboard.

4. Myers & Chang. Spring rolls, egg rolls, and pork-and-chive dumplings are ideal walkabout foods. Plus, everything Joanne Chang touches turns to gold, so we're confident that she could make a go of this, too. Plus, we'd really like to read her Tweets about life on the road.

3. Craigie on Main. We'd even be happy with just the limited-edition burgers, really.

2. Villa Mexico: Why not trade a gas station for a truck? It's a logical progression, and Villa probably needs a new home. Their loyalists would surely follow.

1. Life Alive: Of course, sometimes food-truck dining should be virtuous. It'd be nice to be able to polish off a large shot of wheat grass and a Hot & Healthy Bachelor without having to brave Central Square — which is, depending on the hour and the humidity level, an oft unhealthy enterprise.