Start-Up Backers Should Consider Actually Enjoying Restaurants Before Trying to Sell Stuff to Them

Come here often? Photo: Jason Lee

Scott Kirsner's recent Innovation Economy column about start-ups offering apps to the (wary, profit-margin-conscious) restaurant industry is rife with fun anecdotes, but this quote from a venture capitalist was our favorite: "What is a restaurant but a few guys cooking, some people carrying plates, and 50 people sitting there with smartphones, waiting for their food and doing nothing?”

That's the assessment of Christopher Mirabile, a managing director of LaunchPad Venture Group in Boston, "which has backed several restaurant-oriented start-ups." He paints (Instagrams?) a lovely picture ... of a horrible first date at a buffet, maybe. Clearly he won't be peddling his wares to phone-unfriendly JM Curley.

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