Meat Your Maker's Mark: Steak Restaurant Within a Restaurant Opens

Wedge yourself into a micro-steakhouse. Photo: BostonInno

A tiny steak restaurant, Bogie's Place, opened last night in the back lounge of Downtown Crossing favorite jm Curley. Bogie’s Place features a swank selection of classics like the wedge salad, New York strip, and baked potato. Sip a sidecar or an old-fashioned with your steak and potatoes, but play by the rules.

Bogie’s Place will be open 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday by reservation only. Reservations are by phone, e-mail, or if you happen to stop by around 4 p.m. Diners beware, though: Bogie’s is “Adults Only,” so leave the mini-carnivores at home. Also abandon your impulse to take Instagram photos of your meal, since phones are frowned upon.