Euro Lunchery Swissbäkers Prepares to Open Allston Flagship

The universal symbol for healthy carbs? Photo: Swissbakers

Swissbakers will launch their 14,000-square-foot flagship bakery at 168 Western Ave. by the end of the month, a rep tells Grub Street. (Their bovine mascot has been erected already, so things are definitely moving forward.) Expect European-style baked goods, coffee, quiches, sandwiches, and other "Swiss delicacies." Owner Thomas Stohrs even says that "bread doesn’t make you fat," so we're feeling optimistic about this place.

On that note, everything is additive- and artificial-ingredient-free. Pretty much the only downside is that it's only open for breakfast and lunch. We could use some healthy bread to sop up those after-hours Allston beers.

168 Western Ave., Allston, 781-354-6989