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Carb Alert: More Details on Szechuan Dumpling

Little pockets of goodness.

We have Qingdao Garden, and there's always Mary Chung. But now it seems Arlington will get its very own restaurant devoted to the humble, delicious dumpling. Boston Restaurant Talk reports via the Arlington Advocate that the restaurant, which will replace Jade Garden, plans to serve nine kinds of dumplings and ravioli, plus "soups, specialty entrees, vegetarian items, and more." Joyce Chen's Peking ravioli legacy lives on. Look for Szechuan Dumpling to open in the next two or so weeks. [BRT, Earlier]

Anthony Bourdain’s Going to Be on Archer, Too

Kevin Gillespie isn't the only food-world luminary getting the Archer treatment. The Taste co-host Anthony Bourdain, it turns out, will play "Bastard Chef" on an upcoming episode, and here's the screencap to prove it. "I hung around the Archer parking lot until they gave me some work," he wrote on Facebook earlier this month. [Helen Cho/Twitter, Earlier]

Kevin Gillespie Was on Archer Last Night

Funner than a Quickfire Challenge.

Former Top Chef competitor Kevin Gillespie made a guest appearance in an episode of Archer last night called "Midnight Ron," which was otherwise chock-full of obscure pop-culture references. The Atlanta-based chef played a truck-driving "transvestite rapist," naturally. Vulture got the lowdown from executive producer Matt Thompson. [Vulture]

22 Recipes to Cook When You’re Snowed In This Weekend

Gramercy Tavern's Off-Menu Brownies.Photo: Anna Williams

As you've no doubt been warned numerous times this morning, there's a city-pummeling snowstorm headed this way. Which means your weekend plans are probably shot, and you'll be stuck inside at least through tomorrow afternoon. But you've still got time to grab some groceries before the Nemopocalypse hits, and we've rounded up a slew of recipes you can cook while you're cooped up. Some are short, some are time-consuming, but all are straight-forward and will give you some comfort food to eat while you're snowed in.

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The Blizzard Bash Has Been Postponed Due to the Blizzard, Boulud and Cosentino on the Prowl

Stranded. On the prowl for offal?

Barbara Lynch's star-studded Blizzard Bash has been kiboshed due to the actual blizzard. A rep tells Grub Street that the $375-a-head event will happen tomorrow at the Boston Children's Museum. Which means that guest chefs like Chris Cosentino and Daniel Boulud have a free night in Boston on their hands!

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Watch an Opera Flash Mob Take Over a British Restaurant

On Sunday, a flash-mob opera troupe burst into Surrey's very staid-looking Bel & The Dragon restaurant, interrupting diners to break into a rousing rendition of "Dance of the Cachucha" and other favorites from The Pirates of Penzance. The Godalming Operatic Society reports that customers were "pleasantly surprised." Watch the video for yourself (things get started around the 26-second mark), and send good wishes to the poor little boy who looks like he wants to crawl under the table. Earbuds recommended.

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Oops! Frozen 'Beef' Lasagna Dinners Found to Contain Up to 100% Horsemeat in the U.K.

WHOA!Photo: Gabriela Herman

Following the news that six U.K. retailers were selling burgers that contained varying amounts of horse, then the revalation that Burger King's patty supply contained "very small trace levels" of equine DNA, it's now being reported that the U.K.-based food manufacturer Findus has been selling frozen lasagna dinners that purport to be beef but may actually be up to 100 percent ground horse chuck.

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What's Closed and Open During the Biggest Storm of Our Lifetime [Updated]

Enjoy the storm.Photo: istockphoto

As Nemo hurtles ever closer, we're getting word of closures and openings throughout the city. We'll do our best to keep this list updated throughout the day, unless we lose power and end up eating cold Chinese takeout in the dark. Stay warm and dry. And, of course, dine well, wherever you may be.

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