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Chefs Shouldn't Practice Their Knife Skills at Bars

Promising talent Doug Rodrigues has been dismissed from his exec chef post at Clio after stabbing someone at Crossroads bar over the weekend.

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Watch Jimmy Fallon Make His Writer Eat a Pickle for the First Time

One of Jimmy Fallon's Late Night writers had never tried a pickle in his life. Apparently, he didn't eat a lot of green stuff as a kid. So Fallon put him up to the test for our amusement. The man took a big bite like a champ, but then proceeded to gag and choke "a little bit." Let's hope Fallon provides good health insurance.

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Watch This Vegetable Genius Play Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrop’ With Produce

Brooklyn-based artist, musician, producer, and tinkerer Jonathan Dagan, who is also known as j.viewz, enlists about $10 worth of supermarket produce to help perform a cover of Massive Attack's "Teardrop." The veggies complete a circuit relayed to a keyboard, he explains, in a situation that's probably similar to the one that allows people to use mushrooms to operate iPhones. Put your headphones on and watch j.viewz use mushrooms, kiwis, grapes, and eggplants to make music. Beautiful, vegetal music.

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Chris Coombs Is One Dedicated Chef

Do we see fried chicken?Photo: Christopher Coombs/Facebook

Proof that a chef's work is never through: Coombs, who runs dbar and Deuxave on top of being about to open Boston Chops, was stuck at jury duty today. But menu work for dbar remained. We're hoping he was dismissed.

Top Chef Seattle Recap: David Rees on Unclean Sweetbreads and Kristen’s Baroque Euro-Esoterica

You know it's the finale because the lighting is dramatic.Photo: Bravo

I’m back from my cruise. No, not that cruise; this cruise. I know you guys are interested in food, so I tried to eat lots of it at every meal. After a few nights of heavy American meats and sauces, somebody told me the ship’s cooks were Indian and the smart thing to do was order Indian food off-menu. Friends, let me say: It was some of the best Indian food I’ve ever eaten! The curries were spicy, but the spices were deep down in the dish, not floating on top, if that makes sense. It was amazing. I also ate bananas for breakfast and salad bars for lunch.

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Tavern Road Should Soft Open on Friday; Szechuan Dumpling Opens Today [Updated]

Inside the soon-to-open Tavern Road.

We hear a rumor that the DiBiccari brothers' awesomely decorated Tavern Road has plans to soft open on Friday. Of course, be sure to call the restaurant before beelining to Fort Point. Meanwhile: Dumplings!

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Jeremy Lin Sure Knows His Dollar Menu Exchange Rates

"Got my first ever technical last night and lost $2000 ... makes me angry when i realize thats 2000 mcchickens or 4000 jack in the box tacos." — Yes, Jeremy Lin, getting your first technical is really sad news, for lots of reasons. For a frame of reference, BuzzFeed shows you exactly what 2,000 McChicken sandwiches look like. [Buzzfeed, Jeremy Lin/Twitter]

Glass Fragments Found in Special K, Kellogg’s Recalls

When you quickly throw together a Cereal Killer costume next Halloween, make sure to grab a box of Special K Red Berries. Kellogg’s is recalling the cereal after finding glass in 36,000 packages. Fortunately, there have been no consumer injuries, and since the glass made its way into a single batch, it's a small recall. The company's clearly having production issues: In October, it recalled 2.8 million boxes of Mini-Wheats after finding fragments of metal mesh. Yikes. [Reuters]

Summer Is (Almost) Here: Sullivan's Opens on Saturday

Delicious, even in frigid temps.

Yes, yes, we're due to get a foot of snow this weekend, but Sullivan's at Castle Island doesn't care! The summertime hot dog pitstop has announced on their Facebook page that they'll open for the season on February 23. So for a taste of summer, head to Southie this weekend. If we're allowed to drive, that is.

More ‘Impostor’ Fish Found in America’s Restaurants and Sushi Counters

This guy has less to hide, and is least likely to steer you wrong.Photo: MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images

It's still happening: A new study published by the nonprofit group Oceana found that approximately a third of fish samples retrieved from restaurants and markets were not actually the fish they were claimed to be. DNA tests of 120 samples purporting to be red snapper at sushi bars and full-service restaurants, for example, returned a staggering 28 distinct species, including 17 "that were not even in the snapper family," the Times reports. Probably the worst finding? In New York, the article says, "fish that was not really tuna was being passed off as tuna in 94 percent of the samples taken." That's a lot of fake tuna.

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