Here's Your Chance to Lick the Frosting Off Ben Affleck


So he didn't get an Oscar nod. But at least he has his very own cupcake! Yes, Sweet has crafted a Ben Affleck cupcake for Oscar weekend, and really, we'll gladly munch a whole dozen in the privacy of our own home while chortling at Seth MacFarlane. Choose your favorite Affleck topper and tote 'em home or to an Oscar soiree for $4.25 each. Also available: The very cute tuxedo'd cupcakes seen here. But that's not all!

You can also fill out Oscar ballots at Sweet's stores all weekend long. Whomever has the most accurate guesses (not counted by PriceWaterhouse, we don't think) will get a delivery of 24 cupcakes delivered to their chosen locale on Tuesday. Sadly, there is not a category for "How many times Anne Hathaway will claim that she's humbled."