Jamie Bissonnette Meets The Goonies

Go on a movie date with Jamie Bissonnette! Photo: Brian J. Lapseritis

The Revere Hotel kicks off a dinner-and-a-movie series called Reel Chefs: Inspired Gourmet Pairings of Food & Film, starting on March 19. Launching the series is Toro and Coppa's very own Jamie Bissonnette, who's selected his favorite cult childhood film: When Marrow Attacks The Goonies. He'll also craft a menu to go along with the flick.

On the menu: an amuse bouche of “Pinxtos of Power (whipped feta, salt cod fritter, pork rillette,) Truffle Shuffle (celeriac & black truffle soup,) Chester Copperpot Pie (pheasant, mushroom, gnocchi, parmesan,) and Rocky Road (chocolate gelato, fluff, candied peanuts.) That's so not what we ate the first time we saw Goonies.

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