Boston Is the Only Place on Earth With Peking Raviolis and Real Duck Sauce

A native treat?

A debate rages over at Universal Hub's "Wicked Good Guide to Boston English" regarding what the uniquely Bostonian Peking ravioli is called in the wilds west of Worcester. Responses have been interesting. The standard definition seems to be "a dumpling filled with meat, found only at Boston-area Chinese restaurants," but others are getting a bit more creative with alternative names.

Chris Faraone: "Just dumplings. Plus MA is the only place I know in US with real duck sauce (not packets) and Italian bread with Chinese food." (We concur.)

Prairie Rose Clayton: "Dumplings or potstickers. Also I had never had scallion pancake until I moved here--not on NC Chinese menus."

Penny Cherubino: "Pot stickers! Joyce Chen seems to have changed the name here."

Chris Boulanger: "Call it a dumpling or potsticker, but peking ravioli isnt really the same as either of those. Its really an aberration."

JK: "RAVIOLI? what colonialist named them ravioli? keep your European dough out of Asia!"

Next up: What's really inside our crab rangoons.