Drinkers Dream of Sushi: Cafe Sushi Teams Up With the Hawthorne

Photo: istockphoto

Not everyday that a criminally underrated sushi parlor teams up with one of the most (rightfully) heralded cocktail joints in town for a pop-up dinner. But, thankfully, Cafe Sushi is breaking with the past and joining forces with the Hawthorne for a one-night-only meal on February 18. More details, ahead.

At this rare feast, you will enjoy "The freshest seasonal fish and culinary creations which showcase authentic Japanese cuisine, and innovative craft cocktails that mix elements of the five basic tastes through distillates, ferments, yeasts and citrus."

Tuck into four or seven courses at the Hawthorne's stylish room; the four-course seating is at 5:30 and the gluttons sit down at 9. Tickets here.