A Woman Pulled Out a Gun at a Chuck E. Cheese’s Last Night

Not a kid's toy. Photo: Cabela's

This isn't good: A Connecticut woman was arrested last night for pulling a semi-automatic handgun on another woman at Chuck E. Cheese's, according to NBC. It's hardly the first time parents have brawled at Chuck's: Over the summer, a woman crashed a Chuck E. Cheese's kids' party to slice off a romantic rival's ear. Who needs farm-to-table when there's buffet-to-jail?

Tawana Bourne was at the restaurant with her child around 8 p.m. and got into an argument with another woman, who was also with a child. (At least they weren't dining here sans kids, also criminal.) During the argument — over what, we can't imagine — Bourne "allegedly brandished a .380 semi-automatic handgun and chambered a round." Now that Chuck has a new mouse mascot, maybe it's time to move on to metal detectors.

Woman Pulls Gun at Chuck E Cheese: Cops [NBC]
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