Danny Johnson: A Bagger With Swagger

Groceries are his bag.

Not only is Bridgewater's Danny Johnson a super-speedy grocery bagger, he also has a great, slightly Tetris-like attitude about his chosen vocation: According to the Globe, the elite Roche Brother's champion bagger, bound for Las Vegas's bagging (not that kind) championships this weekend, "finds it intriguing, like figuring out puzzles with lots of perishable pieces."

He will be judged on "speed, proper bag-building technique, whether the total weight is evenly distributed among three bags, and style, attitude, and appearance. But not everyone had him pegged as a bagger with swagger. Says his mother: "I saw a lot of potential, but never thought he would reach this level of bagging.”

Chances are he'll have plenty of opportunities to sharpen his skills today, since everyone's at the store! [Globe]