This Was the Best Dish at Boston's Lamb Jam

Gone in 60 seconds. Photo: KCB

We had the tasty opportunity to judge the 2013 Boston Lamb Jam over the weekend. Sequestered in a private room, we were plied with miniature portions of every imaginable permutation of lamb, from leg to shank to breast to shoulder. While there was some dissension in the ranks, every judge agreed on one thing: Our favorite dish was smoked and braised lamb belly with pickled radish and herb salad, wrapped in a steamed bun. Of course, this was a blind taste test, so we had no idea who'd conceived the majestic morsel until later. Turns out it was Michael Scelfo of Russell House Tavern, who was awarded the coveted Best in Show prize. He'll move on to a national Lamb Jamb competition. Adobo lamb tacos with pickled onion and mezcal cheese wiz (really) was the other big favorite, prepared by Brian Reyelt at Citizen Public House. He even thought to pair his taco with stout, which is never a poor idea. Anyway, we snapped this photo of Scelfo's creation before devouring it. Maybe he'll add it to the menu at Russell House? Please? Note a bit of spicy aioli peeking out. [BFOL]