MIT "Charm School" Students Might Really Need It

Check, please. Photo: istockphoto

The Globe sits in at MIT's 20th Annual MIT Charm School, which teaches young geniuses social skills how to ace business dinners — you know, how to order properly, network without being smarm-o, and so forth. Thank God, too, judging by the story. A few favorite quotes from this awesome piece, ahead.

Maggie Kane: "My mom raised me really well, so I think I already know everything I need to know, but we’ll see." ("The school’s reputation for having students more academically than socially gifted had affected her, she said.")

Alice Lu: “It’s free food, so that’s good."

Alana Hamlett, coordinator: "The spirit of the program was always to help students be a little bit better than they ­already are and to take the lessons that they learn beyond the classroom."

The program awards graduates a ChD, or a "doctor of charm." But do these people really need diplomas? Soon enough they'll be the ones inventing ways to invisibly text at the table, we're sure.

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