New Study: Democrats Love Bagels, GOP Loves Olive Garden’s ‘Ethnic Food’

It will bring this country together.

A sad new Public Policy Polling survey of registered voters reveals that a vast swath of the country is very sheltered when it comes to authentic spaghetti. It seems that 43 percent of Republicans agree with the following statement: "Olive Garden is a quality source of authentic ethnic food." Democrats don't know good pasta, either; 41 percent of them think the exact same thing.

In other news, those feisty liberals prefer bagels to the GOP's favorite breakfast, doughnuts; not shockingly, Dems also favor KFC over the polarizing Chick-Fil-A.

It's not the first time people have analyzed food choices across party lines: Not long ago, we discovered that Sriracha lovers and Chipotle eaters are liberal, whereas Waffle House patrons probably voted for Romney.

There's also the strange twist that Republicans favor diet soda, while Democrats prefer the caloric stuff.

Really, though: If ever there were a case for a three-party system, this Olive Garden revelation is it.

Food issues polarizing America [Public Policy Polling via Gawker]

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