Indian Street Foodery Pronti Bistro Eyes Expansion

Delicious, and coming closer.

We've said it here before: Some of the best sandwiches in town are at Pronti Bistro in Newton, which specializes in North Indian roll-ups called 'prontis'. Think paranthas stuffed with curried meat, roasted veggies, and a smattering of hot chutnies in an easily totable package, each sold with a side salad and a brownie. Not too shabby. The owners tell Grub Street that they're eyeing a possible expansion closer to the city.

We're told that Cambridge or Allston are the leading contenders, possibly close to Boston University. (Indian roll-ups go down best late at night.) Note: Our favorite is the agra adventure, also known as roasted eggplant, topped with hot mango chutney.

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