Schlow Long, Radius: It's for Sale

Is Radius no longer at the epicenter of fine dining?

Boston reports the not hugely shocking news that Michael Schlow's flagship, Radius, is for sale. Schlow's been doing a lot of reorganizing lately: He's talking about opening up more Ticos in Washington; he closed Happy's and reopened it as Barrio Cantina; and he told the Globe this week that his suburban restaurants, like Alta Strada, tend to do more business than his city spots, so he has an eye toward suburban expansion.

Writes Boston mag: Per an email forwarded from an industry source, "the lease for the space is expiring and is being shopped around to potential future tenants."

Will you be sad to see Radius go? What should Schlow do next? And what will the three-martini lunch crowd do without that killer burger? (Is there a three-martini lunch crowd anymore?)

Breaking: Michael Schlow’s Fine Dining Flagship, Radius, is Currently for Sale [Boston]
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