Six Places We'd Like to Be Snowbound

Goulash at Olde Magoun's Saloon. Photo: Facebook/OMG

The storm of the century is upon us. In between rushing to Market Basket for provisions and lamenting the cancellation of Ming Tsai's preview reception at Blue Dragon (it opens Monday!), we compiled a list of places that we'd like to actually eat up a storm, while hiding from it.

1. The Hawthorne, Kenmore. Because it's like curling up in your impossibly stylish friend's trust-fundy living room. Drink a few cocktails, pretend to be rich, then tumble numbly back into the snow.

2. The Helmand, East Cambridge. This is the coziest fireplace'd dining room in Boston. Well, Cambridge.

3. Tres Gatos, Jamaica Plain. A limitless supply of cheap snacky food and red wine, plus books and records? It's almost good as staying in.

4. The Lower Depths, Kenmore. If we're going to die, we'd like to die face down, below ground, in a pile of shamefully-topped tater tots.

5. Abbey Lane or Blue Inc. Mainly because Chef Jason Santos seems like he'd be a crazy fun guy to hang out with in a storm.

6. Olde Magoun's Saloon. What could be more comforting than a hobbit hole that just happens to serve turkey-and-cranberry-relish eggrolls?