Nightmare Scenarios: Tainted Burrito Leads to Brain-Invading Tapeworm

Watch out! Photo: Corbis

It's like a scene from a particularly vile VH1 Behind the Music. Jay Whalley, the front man for Aussie punk group Frenzal Rhomb, suffered seizures, headaches, and feared he had a brain tumor. But his woes had nothing to do with sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Instead, it was because Whalley consumed a tainted burrito while on tour in Central America, and then pork tapeworm eggs jaunted from his intestines to nestle in his brain.

On Facebook, the affable Whalley describes things in a cheerfully circumspect manner for someone who has tapeworm eggs living in his brain:

So the tapeworm eggs live in pig flesh (most common in C America but found in loads of other countries too), the pig is killed and the meat undercooked and eaten by old mate. Old mate grows a tapeworm in his intestine which eventually produces eggs. Old mate goes to el baño, doesn't wash his hands properly then busies himself cooking my vegetarian burrito. Gross.

Of course, he later confesses that his medical woes caused him to "bathe in a sea of opiates," so maybe that explains his mood.

Happily, Whalley is on the mend after ingesting the befouled burrito and is busily thinking of aliases for his next record. Among the options: Ham Solo and Notorious PIG.

[FB via Daily Mail UK]