Lots of Crusty News Today

What will they do with the bikes?

First up: Nashua export Crush has plans to bring deep-fried pizza to town, so we can continue to get fat despite Mayor Menino's pleas. Eater Boston does some digging and finds this gem on their menu: pizza frite, otherwise known as "a pizza stuffed with sausage fresh mozzarella, crushed tomatoes and basil then deep fried." They should waddle into town soon.

Meanwhile, the Upper Crust's ethical stepchildren continue to populate. First there was the Just Crust in Harvard Square, and now there's going to be a Newbury Street spinoff called the Proper Slice, reports UH. It will go in where the Upper Crust once stood, its kitchen still in "pristine" condition.

Soon to come: The Naughty Dough, The Lying Sausage, and the Cheesy Date.

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