Turns Out a Bartender Recorded That Mitt Romney ‘47 Percent’ Video

Mixologist and amateur videographer.

The guy who caught onetime presidential hopeful Mitt Romney making those snotty 47 percent remarks at a fund-raiser isn't a reporter, or a videographer, or even a vengeful Democrat: Nope, he's just a bartender from Boston, hired to work the swanky event. Scott Prouty brought his camera to the party hoping to get a photo op in between mixing drinks; instead, he put Romney's political career on ice.

Yes, sometimes it really does pay to be from America's drunkest city: The stealthy bartender revealed his identity on MSNBC's Ed Show last night, explaining that he "grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood in Boston and felt that people who couldn’t afford to attend a high-priced fundraiser should get a chance to find out what the candidate actually thinks."

He released the video even though he feared losing his job. Ultimately, he decided that not releasing it would be cowardly. (Admirably, he also opted to wait until after the election savor his fifteen minutes of fame.)

Let this be a lesson: Bartenders always hear everything. Something Romney would surely know, if he drank.

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