Boloco Wants to Send You on a Trip Around the World, or to Buffalo


The kind folks at Boston-based Boloco want to send their loyal customers on the trip of a lifetime. All you need to do is visit one of their locations, buy a burrito, and offer them some advice in honor of their 16th anniversary. If they enjoy your commentary, you'll get to choose a five-day trip to one of the dazzling locations that inspire their burritos. Among the options: Mexico, Italy, India (love those tikka masala wraps!), Thailand, Japan, and ... Buffalo, New York! The other prizes aren't too shabby, either.

Second place gets you a trip to San Francisco, where Boloco's burritos were first inspired. And third place earns you a years' worth of free Boloco, at which point you might never want to eat another burrito again!

Learn more about the contest, read the fine print, and discover the origins of those wacky ethnic burritos right here. Good luck!