At Last: A Concierge Service for Sheltered College Kids Who Need VIP Restaurant Reservations

Better than Bud Light.

Behold a "consulting" service that snags restaurant reservations for a key demo: international college students who can't possibly balance homework and hangovers with a scroll through OpenTable. Boston Collegiate Consulting Group specializes in landing elite restaurant reservations, finding mariachi bands, and possibly securing bidets for delusional "exclusively international" students who apparently fear the traditional college experience, per The Wall Street Journal. As you might expect, this isn't for college kids who would otherwise subsist on pizza and ramen.

The company, with services that start at $300 per month, has launched in New York, where it's expanded from students to include help for "those entering into a new life, in a new city." (In non-marketing speak, these people are sometimes called "high-maintenance.")

In addition to providing reservations, BCCG also aids in making people obnoxious: Their "online, invite-only, dining concierge program" offers members "access to prime time reservations with special VIP treatment at the restaurants they want" ... and even a chance to meet the maître d'! We sincerely hope that whenever a table for one of these VIP clients appears in a reservation book, they're offered a seat right next to the bidet.

Forget the Old College Try, Ring the Concierge [WSJ]