Sexcereal Is — Yep — a Cereal That Will Make Your Mornings Sexier

Sadly, not available Stateside. Photo: Facebook/Sex Cereal

What would Snap, Crackle, and Pop make of this? An entrepreneur has come out with a libido-boosting cereal, fittingly called Sexcereal, that will make Canadians horny. Time magazine reports that Peter Ehrlich always thought people took health food too seriously, so he created a sensual and nourishing morning treat, packaged with sassy pinups for the guys and muscular male models for the ladies. Each contains a gender-specific recipe designed to jump-start different hormones.

While the packaging is way hotter than the Quaker Oats Man, the cereal's true magic lies in its use of maca, a Peruvian herb known to boost sex drive in women and men. It retails for $9.95, a small price to pay for this kind of happiness.

But what of the real-life testimonials? One happy customer reports on the cereal's official site that "I think I have better sex now after breakfast." Another spry octogenarian writes in to ask: "What have I got to lose?" And an anatomically astute woman named Sally from Calgary declares: "One cereal for women and one for men. Makes complete sense. After all, when my boyfriend gets naked, I can see that we're different."

Breakfast: The most important meal of the day. Especially up north.

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