Footprints in the Snow Lead to McDonald's Arsonists, Hiding Wet Behind an Ale House


Three teens were arrested over the weekend after setting fire to a long-abandoned McDonald's on the VFW Parkway. And they would've escaped, too, except the strategic Boston Police managed to track their footprints in the snow. (The clear lesson: Only set fire to abandoned restaurants during warm months.) One of the teens was located, wet, hiding behind the Olde Irish Ale House; the other wet culprits appeared shortly thereafter.

The teens claim that they "accidentally" set the fire while hanging out inside the former restaurant, doubtlessly foraging for leftover McNuggets. Is there really any other reason to hang out in an old McDonald's?

Universal Hub reports that, oddly enough, police used the exact same footprints-in-the-snow technique to track down a man who robbed another area McDonald's for hashbrowns a couple of years ago.

The trio of wet criminals allegedly caused $100,000 in damages.

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