Actually, We Breathe Champagne

Bridging the gap.

"With the situation at the Seaport devolving rapidly into some kind of Epcot-style food court, there's zero shame in indulging a few good tears. So go ahead. Sob it out. ... At some point, however, all the handwringing about how Del Frisco's doesn't 'get' us has to give way to action — to some brick-and-mortar counterargument to the proposition that it's either Sportello or sports bar, that you can't service biotech conventioneers and Fernet-breathing industry cool kids under the same roof without undercutting the experience for both. If anyone's capable of bridging this divide, my money's on the Island Creek Oyster Bar crew." — Jolyon Helterman, in the Phoenix, on Island Creek Oyster Bar's new restaurant, Row 34, as salvation [PHX]