Actually, We Breathe Champagne

Bridging the gap.

"With the situation at the Seaport devolving rapidly into some kind of Epcot-style food court, there's zero shame in indulging a few good tears. So go ahead. Sob it out. ... At some point, however, all the handwringing about how Del Frisco's doesn't 'get' us has to give way to action to some brick-and-mortar counterargument to the proposition that it's either Sportello or sports bar, that you can't service biotech conventioneers and Fernet-breathing industry cool kids under the same roof without undercutting the experience for both. If anyone's capable of bridging this divide, my money's on the Island Creek Oyster Bar crew." Jolyon Helterman, in the Phoenix, on Island Creek Oyster Bar's new restaurant, Row 34, as salvation [PHX]