Island Creek Oyster Bar Expands, Hosts Throwdown Dinner in the Meantime


Island Creek Oyster Bar has plans to open a new restaurant called Row 34, probably in Fort Point. (There's a Row 34 Facebook page that places it at 381 Congress St. Yes, we're just that crafty.) Food & Wine coyly slips this huge-for-us-here-in-Boston news into a larger piece with Skip Bennett about at-home oyster-eating. Row 34 is a "workingman’s expression of the oyster farm," says Bennett. Row 34 oysters, stacked on suspended racks instead of grown at the bottom of the bay a la ICOB's signature Duxbury variety, have "an umami-packed nuttiness." You will taste this nuttiness come fall, they report. In the meantime, ICOB's doing a fun dinner this evening!

Make reservations for tonight's six-course East Coast versus West Coast rap throwdown seafood dinner, with Eastern fare handled by Chef Jeremy Sewall and Western specialties concocted by Chef Gregory Gourdet, also known as "the King of Seafood," from Departure Restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Dinner starts at 7 p.m. There might not be nutty umami, but there will be a raw bar.

Island Creek Oysters Expands, Explains How to Shuck 'Em Yourself [F&W; via LMennies/Twitter]