Our Dream Logan Airport Food Court

Ken Oringer: Needs wings!

The Herald reports that Boston's second Durgin-Park has opened at Logan, providing a welcoming atmosphere for weary travelers, we're sure. (The original location appeared on Grub Street's fun and immaculately researched list of America's Most Abusive Restaurants.) So let's say you're a tourist coming into Boston for a visit. You're tired. You're hungry. You need food immediately and a cab ride to Santarpio's just isn't in the cards. Where should you be able to turn? Easy!

Beantown Taqueria: Home of the essential Mexican breakfast (probably best consumed post-flight). Visitors will feel reassured by the "Beantown" moniker.

Bronwyn: Tim Wiechmann's beer-and-sausage garden in Union Square would be a fine alternative to the big-name airport breweries. Plus, everyone's favorite world traveler, Anthony Bourdain, loves it!

Gourmet Dumpling: Boston's best iteration of a completely portable food.

Island Creek Oyster Bar: Just one more logical step toward world domination. Plus: Everyone associates Boston with seafood!

Oleana (Falafel Shop): Ana Sortun needs to sell her spinach falafel in sandwich form. You know, like at Sofra, but with more seating.

Uni: Healthy sushi! Filling ramen! The Ken Oringer stamp of approval! Well-heeled vacationers will love it. And soon even New Yorkers will know and love him!

Durgin-Park expands with Logan Airport location [Herald]

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