Mary Ann's, the Quintessential Dive Bar, Slapped for Not Serving Food

Needs pizza! Photo: istockphoto

Mary Ann's, sometimes known as Scary Ann's, is the ultimate dive. The windows are boarded up. You have to sign in to enter. Basically anyone too old for their parents' health insurance will feel uneasy here. No, this is not the type of place to sit back and tuck into Fernet Branca and a charcuterie plate. No, here you buy a $3 bottle of light beer and wait for things to get juicy. Despite its lack of gourmet credentials, Mary Ann does have a food license. And they're now in trouble for failing to use that license to serve non-liquid sustenance.

Mary Ann's has been issued a warning by the Boston Licensing Board, says Universal Hub. They can petition to go all-drink, or they can hire a chef really quick and see how it goes. Tell us: Would you want to dine at Mary Ann's? Or would you rather simply stagger down the street to Cityside? [UH]