Breaking: No Riots So Far at Shake Shack's Opening

The newest Shack. Photo: Facebook/Shake Shack

Everything seems to be going quite smoothly at the brand-new Shake Shack. They opened up at 11 a.m., and a spry intern at Boston magazine was dispatched to live-tweet everything. But nothing too dramatic thus far, much to our surprise. "Last minute prep and a team meeting before doors open in ten minutes. The line is about ten people deep," they report. But be forewarned: Things are "starting to get crowded." Another source tells Grub Street that, as of this morning, there was no queque. Very civilized! We were expecting something like a Phish show. Are you heading over today? Are people waiting until dinnertime? Have you seen bedraggled hungry people staggering down Rt. 9? Let us know your SS plans, and be sure to consult our ordering guide when and if you head over. If we hear about riots or custard fights, we'll let you know. [Earlier, Twitter/ChowderBoston]