Pulcinella Mozzarella: Getting Cheesier

Inside Pulcinella Mozzarella Photo: PM/Facebook

Pulcinella Mozzarella's getting a second floor, says the Boston Business Journal, even after their proposal for a rooftop garden was voted down last year. The neighborhood council voted to approve it, which is surprising, since sometimes they're not huge fans of loud restaurants.

Nonetheless, PM will get 32 seats on their second floor; their case was helped by the fact that lots of other North End restaurants have two stories (La Famiglia di Giorgios, Tresca, Lo Conte’s, Bacco Ristorante, Gennaro’s 5 North Square, Lucia, Filippos, Goody Glovers, Mama Maria’s, Aria Trattoria...). Not shockingly, a few sourpusses expressed displeasure over noise just the same. [BBJ, Earlier]