No More Pushcart Pretzels in Downtown Crossing

Would be out of a job.

Food trucks aren't the only mobile vendors with red-tape woes here in town: Now it seems the city is hassling Downtown Crossing's venerable pushcart vendors, one of the few features of the neighborhood that actually make it seem like, well, a neighborhood. The BBJ reports via that the city wants the vendors out by the end of the month. A "an interim pushcart program" (really) will allow new and existing vendors to apply for space this spring. Many of the current vendors have peddled their wares for 30 years.

Sigh. Will you miss the smell of steamy hot dogs and soft pretzels? Do you think they're being treated unfairly? Do you think none of this really matters, since the neighborhood will be home to a Walgreens that sells sushi? And how does erstwhile Boston pushcart operator Andy Cohen feel about all this?

City to Downtown Crossing pushcarts: Shove off [BBJ]
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