The South Street Diner Celebrates 15th Anniversary Thanks to Customers Like Robert Plant and the Dead

Stairway to heavenly lobster.

At a time when some old-timey diners are dying out, it's nice to know that South Street Diner keeps on ticking. The venerable 24-hour restaurant, a late-night salvation for nightcrawlers nefarious and benign, turns 15 tomorrow. As such, they'll offer up a cheapo, three-course lobster dinner tomorrow night for a mere $10 as a thank you to the budget-conscious customers who've kept them in business for so long. Among those customers: Robert Plant, the Grateful Dead, and Captain America himself.

The Examiner has a fuzzy piece reflecting on the diner's history, noting that an eclectic assortment of boldface names stop here for a nocturnal meal. (No, not every visiting celebrity dines at Legal Sea Foods.) Robert Plant likes the Diner Special, Morgan Freeman's enjoyed their burgers, Governor Patrick favors the chicken kabobs, and even the Grateful Dead have munched here post-concert (of course, without Jerry Garcia, since he died before the place opened, sadly for him).

Stop in tomorrow from 11 a.m. 'til 11 p.m. for your choice of one-pound sirloin or lobster; chowder or salad; and a retro-sounding "rotating dessert tray." Just ten bucks, and who knows, you might even see Chris Evans in a lobster bib.

South St. Diner Celebrates 15 Years [Examiner]
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