State Rep Hopeful Accused of Berating Special Needs Child at the Texas Roadhouse

Don't mess with Texas. Photo: Facebook/Texas Roadhouse

There was a showdown at Everett's Texas Roadhouse the other night involving Wayne Matewsky, the city of Everett's longest-serving elected official. Matewsky, who's now running for state representative, is accused of berating employees, using "foul" language, and most troubling of all, getting into a fight with the father of a special needs child who was being "noisy." He also threatened to have the restaurant shut down, Fox reports.

Matewsky's doing damage control. He apologized to the Roadhouse, and they issued a statement: "We are pleased that Mr. Matewsky has since apologized to our staff for this unfortunate incident. We are willing to forgive and forget, and consider this matter closed."

But he also claims the incident has been blown out of proportion as part of a smear campaign. Just the same, Revere resident Michael Toto says he was at the restaurant that night and witnessed the whole sorry scene. An ethics committee will investigate. In the meantime, hopefully Matewsky sticks to delivery.

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