Is Teele Square's House of Tibet Closing?

House of Tibet Photo: Somerville Patch

Sad if so, since it's one of the few restaurants in the area that serves yak. A keen-eyed Chowhound poster reports seeing a "business for sale" sign on the Holland Street restaurant's window. We called and got no answer. However, some people are still happy to eat there.

"This is the most FANTASTIC restaurant in the Boston area, maybe even the world! The food is of incredible quality! The service is wonderful. It has a quiet, family atmosphere and is very relaxing. The portions are VERY generous and they have giant soup dishes. Also, everything has a vegetarian option! The spicing is subtle and complex, and the dishes are not overly fried. It's a happy, healthy place to go" one exclamation-point-lovin' Yelp! reviewer opined this week. [Yelp, CH, Earlier]