Tony Maws's Kirkland Tap & Trotter: No Craigie Burgers, but Fire-Roasted Chicken and Funky Wines

Chef Maws. Photo: Tony Maws

Craigie on Main's Tony Maws has christened his new restaurant. By popular vote, the Somerville space will be called The Kirkland Tap & Trotter. Maws's team shared an e-mail with us that he'll send out to his Craigie fans shortly containing all the details. We have it straight ahead.

Says Tony: "People have asked me the best way to describe the food and my answer is that it's the way I cook at home for my friends and family.

I'm designing the menu so that you (and your friends and families) can eat there often. Think entrees in the mid $20's, appetizers in mid 'teens, $11 desserts. And, though the Craigie Burger is sacred and will only be served at Craigie On Main, you'll find many funky and ever-changing variations on the burger (along with sons, daughters and cousins of the Craigie Burger.) You'll be able to share many dishes for two (think Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder with spiced turnips, rutabagas and braised greens, or a Fire Roasted Whole Chicken with sweet potato-miso puree and rapini). That's right, I said FIRE roasted! We're going to have a big hardwood grill as the centerpiece of the kitchen.

Keeping with the theme of The Kirkland Tap & Trotter being an every night of the week establishment, beverage choices will also be representative of things my friends and family frequently enjoy on Mondays. The larger beer list, straightforward and delicious cocktails, and expansive wine by the glass list will help quench any thirst. Wines will still tilt toward terroir and funky."

Very exciting. (Except for the burger part. We wouldn't mind another outlet for that.) Maws says the restaurant will likely open in late August.

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