Nick Varano's Third Strega Will Be in ... Woburn


The improbably situated Beacon Grille, perhaps the only area steakhouse with the distinction of being housed in an office building overlooking the highway, will become restaurateur Nick Varano's third Strega. Nick Varano? The guy with all the billboards? The guy with the huge, flashy Seaport restaurant? Now in Woburn? Yep, it's true.

The Woburn Patch reports that Dennis Clarke, CEO of the TradeCenter building that houses Beacon Grille, is excited about Strega and Varano: "Nick has earned an enviable reputation for providing memorable dining experiences ... We have every confidence that he will impress local residents and businesspeople." Note: It is also very close to the Woburn courthouse, should you ever get called for jury duty.

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Beacon Grille to become a Strega restaurant [Patch via BRT]