Spend An Afternoon at Sea With Bon Chon (and Wine)


On June 1, 90+ Cellars will throw a cruise to celebrate their Lot 33 Rosé. Hooray! Here's what to consider.

The Good:
You will get three glasses of wine.
Their wine is very good in general (we've had our fair share).
You will enjoy cheese and charcuterie from Wasik's.
There will be a raw bar.
There will be food from BonChon chicken.
Let us repeat: There will be food from BonChon chicken.
It's a great excuse to drink during the day (the boat sets sail at 3 p.m.)
A portion of proceeds go to Lovin' Spoonfuls food-rescue fund.

But it's not all booze and fried chicken.

Be Forewarned:
The dress code is pink. Yes, for guys, too. We doubt they'll throw you overboard if you're not in full-on rose regalia, but it is very encouraged. So plan accordingly.

Buy your tickets right here. [The Boston Rose Party]