Is a Craft Beer Bar Dangerous for Davis Square?

Soon, you'll be seeing double!

We're shocked that there aren't more to begin with. But not everyone is excited by such a development in the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. One concerned citizen has taken to Davis Square's LiveJournal to vent about the possibility of a nefarious "drinking hole," specifically national chain World of Beer, causing problems for residents.

"I wanted to update you that I have now had two meetings with the proponents of a place called "World of Beer" that wants to go into the Social Security Bldg space [240 Elm Street],." they write. "I have told them that I am VERY concerned about this as a possible use since I don't want to see a drinking hole in Davis that allows you to bring in your own food and barely serves any food of their own. They have told me I have the wrong idea and it will be craft brews geared towards an upscale crowd. I am highly skeptical."

World of Beer has considered partnering with a local restaurant to make things more palatable, but really, what's the issue? Davis Square has plenty of bars already, and most of them are, ahem, hardly known for their culinary delights. Some of them even serve (gasp) brown liquor. Beer seems downright innocent.

"World of Beer" proposed for Social Security Building - public meeting Wednesday 4/17 [LJ via UH]